Haircuts as a Method of Interviewing

How could having your hair or make- up ‘done’ be a valuable method for interviewing/reflection on sense of self?

Initial reflections on trying the method at Unbox Festival 2014, Delhi, December 2014 (JW).

Where on the high street do people make changes to themselves? Their appearances? Where do they really spend some time focusing on themselves? Or being focused on? The hairdressers seems like such a ripe environment for thinking about sense of self and the high street – often it acts as a space where someone: spends time; considers things about their appearance and sense of style/taste/identity; considers what they feel comfortable with and where their boundaries with personal appearance are; is physically pampered(?); confides in someone; is vulnerable in some ways and has to trust the other person (haircutter) with something very intimate like a hairstyle. Going to a Barbers or having your make-up done are potentially similar experiences where interviewing could take place or reflection. We wondered about this as an immersive method – putting you in a particular zone of thought and reflection in order to then comment on questions about personal taste, style etc.